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Rally 1243:     Flights of Fancy - Easter

Dates:   18th – 22nd April 2019    MR:    TQ 24744 40799

Location:    Gatwick Aviation Museum  Postcode: RH6 0BT

We rally here by kind permission of Gatwick Aviation Museum



Northwest of Gatwick Airport very near Charlwood village (head for Charlwood signs if in any doubt!)


Further details in Newsletters and website information page  

Rally Fees: £ 23.00 + VAT (Inc. Admin)  

Entertainment Fee additional - see Centre Rally Rules 1 & 2

Rally Officers:     Slips to: Graham

TBA (1st contact)   Graham & Sue

TBA  (2nd contact)  Postal address on request

1st contact    Graham & Sue                email:  [email protected]

2nd contact