The Caravan & Motorhome Club – East Sussex Centre

1.    Constitution

1.1   The constitution shall belong to and be administered by the East Sussex Centre

2.    Name

2.1 The Club shall be called Caravan and Motorhome Club – East Sussex Centre

3.    Aims and Objectives

3.1   To provide events and social events for its members.

3.2   To encourage members to take a leading role to be Events Officers at an event.

4.    The Officers and Committee

4.1 An Annual General Meeting (hereafter AGM) will be held when the membership will elect Officers and Committee to manage the Club.

4.2 Other than the mandatory positions of Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary, the Centre Committee may appoint officers as it deems desirable.

4.3 The quorum for any meeting of the Centre committee shall be four or such higher as the Committee shall determine.

5.    Duties

5.1   Chairman – to organise and lead a committee, to give a casting vote in the event of indecision, to attend events to represent the Centre.

5.2   Secretary – to take the minutes at each committee meeting, prepare an agenda, produce a signed copy for records, audit data of members, to prepare all paperwork for the AGM, to take the minutes for the Youth and Main AGM and produce signed copies for records.

5.3   Treasurer – to oversee the finances, prepare the accounts for audit and present them to the AGM.

5.4   Vice Chairman – to oversee the entertainment, if required, for AGM/Dinner Dance/ New Year & Practice Night. To collate data from the events, record for the Fellowship plaque, produce average numbers. To shadow the Chairman and assist with duties. Be prepared to step into any role in the event of absence or illness to cover position.

5.5   Rally Secretary – to arrange and book  events in advance and produce an annual set of events. Produce a event board for members to volunteer to be Events Officers.

Re-arrange events at short notice, inform members of cancellations, do regular site visits and report to committee with updates.

6.    Membership

6.1   Membership is renewable annually. All members must be fully subscribed to the Caravan and Motorhome Club.

6.2   It is each member’s responsibility to ensure their membership is renewed.

6.3   Members are required to adhere to the Centre Rules when rallying and using social media.

6.4   Only Members of the East Sussex Centre can use the Login Section of the East Sussex Centre Website.

7.    Structure

7.1   The Officers and Committee will consist of –





Rally Secretary

IT Manager

Youth Liaison

Signs & Equipment

Health & Safety



7.2   Other than those voted in 4.2, duties will be allocated at the first monthly meeting following the AGM.

7.3   The Committee will meet on the second Tuesday of each month.

7.4   Nominations will be held 14 days before the AGM. All nominees must be proposed and seconded and logged with the secretary, no later than 3pm on that day.

7.5   Any motions for the AGM must be with the Secretary, in writing, at least 35 days before the AGM. Further details from the Secretary on request.

7.6   Voting – Only Centre Members who attend the AGM and are registered with the Centre in accordance of the 35-day ruling are entitled to vote, speak or nominate. One vote, per person, per position for Officers. The Committee will be up to 6 people at the discretion of the Officers.

8.    Finance

8.1   There will be no charge or levy for joining the East Sussex Centre.

8.2   All monies, apart from a reasonable working capital, to be invested with the Caravan Club Limited.

8.3   All East Sussex Centre accounts to be submitted for audit annually.

8.4   In the event of disbandment of East Sussex Centre, all monies and assets to be deposited and put in trust with the Caravan Club Ltd, until the Centre is reformed

8.5   All cheques to be signed by the Treasurer and either the Chairman or the Hon. Secretary.

9.    General

9.1 The East Sussex Centre accept and are committed to work within the guidelines, rules & regulations of the Caravan & Motorhome Club, including Centre Guidance (all officers of the committee have access to this)

10. Rules

10.1 The rules are available in the Centre’s annual events programme PDF. Hard copies are available by sending an A5 SAE to the Secretary. Address available by request from